About El Roo

El Roo was born on a plane flying over Mexico. The "El" is the nod to the idea coming as we flew over Mexico and the "Roo" for the shirt needing pouches like a kangaroo.

Let me rewind just a little first...

I had just scored a new bike and I loved it! I loved how efficient it was compared to my old bike. The trouble was it prompted me to start looking at all the things biking-related to see what else I could streamline. 

I looked at everything— the bags I carried, the pedals I used, you name it — I wanted to see if it could be improved. One thing I really wanted to update was my heavy backpack. There had to be a better way to carry what I needed.

I searched high and low and tried so many different things. Hip packs, frame bags, even tried wearing a road biking jersey with their awesome pockets. Nothing fit how I wanted. If only I could find a comfortable, non-skin tight jersey with pockets. 

Insert a conversation we had on an airplane flying over Mexico and El Roo was born. Our goal is to give you a great option to leave your heavy backpacks and awkward hip packs at home and comfortably carry what you need with the El Roo mountain bike t-shirt. 

We are currently working to perfect this kickass mountain bike jersey. We've combined materials that keep you cool and comfortable with a fit that allows you to move and groove with ease in a t-shirt but the best part are the pockets in the back to carry everything you need without weighing you down or getting in your way.

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